Fake News And Distrustful Government Leadership During Disasters

Why doesn’t anyone ever check the news on non-political topics? It seems there has been a big smoke screen lately when it comes to Natural Disasters. We are constantly being told such events are the “Worst” ever in history. Just recently, we saw Hurricane Harvey flood out Houston TX area, they told us it was […]

Small Town News Verses the Public’s Need to Know

Recently, I had the opportunity to set up as a vendor during a two-day fundraising classic vehicle show. I love the people I meet. Through our conversations I learn about their area, interests, community plus a wide host of valuable information. I met a lady, her daughter and grandchild in a stroller. While looking at […]

Fake News

There is a fairly new term that has been floating around for the past few weeks: Fake News. The implication is that journalists and media are making up lies in order to promote their political persuasion. I remember how different things were when I grew up. The radio played music or aired comedy shows for […]